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Whether you’re an expert developer or just getting started, SpriteBuilder will help you build top-quality games in a fraction of the time. It’s open source and free to download.

Cross Platform & Native

SpriteBuilder apps run natively on the device. There’s no Java or JavaScript virtualization layer, so you get bare metal performance.

Open Source

Powered by the open source Cocos2D and Chipmunk projects, SpriteBuilder is easy to extend and customize.

Powerful Functionality

Create award-winning games with SpriteBuilder’s proven interface designer, tileless editor, physics engine, particle systems & more.

Rapid Development

SpriteBuilder bridges the gap between designers and developers so your team can drastically cut down on development time.

SpriteBuilder is easy to use and can handle everything from simple GUI layouts to complex character animations. It saved us time and energy by allowing better collaboration between design and development teams.
Conor Seabrook , Sidebolt
SpriteBuilder has been an essential tool in building cross platform UIs for our games. It is lightweight and makes very few assumptions about the UI, making it flexible and easy to extend to our needs.
Paritosh Shah Head of Mobile Engineering at PocketGems